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Do my trees benefit from mulching and how much do I use?

MulchingA two to four inch layer of mulch over your tree’s root system has many benefits.

  • It protects the trunk of your tree from lawnmower damage and string weed trimmers that cuts the bark and ruins the transport system that carries nutrients and water up and down in the tree.
  • Mulch reduces the competition of grass or weeds around the canopy of your trees.
  • It increases the soils water-holding capacity that helps keep the moisture around the canopy or drip line of your trees.  This helps the root system during dry spells.
  • Mulch can increase soil microbial activity and loosen soil that can reduce the need for aeration and fertilization.
  • Finally, mulching around your trees enhances the trees natural habitat to improve its health.

Mulch can be applied any time of the year.  Make sure you get rid of weeks and grass before applying mulch. Never use plastic under the mulch! Keep the mulch away from the immediate trunk area, and don’t mound it up like a pyramid. You see this done in many commercial and residential landscapes, but it creates an unfavorable environment. It can attract harmful insects and diseases.  As with anything else, excess is not good. Remember: never use more than 2 to 4 inches or the trees’ root system can be smothered.

Using common sense in mulching will enhance the life of your trees and the beauty of your landscape.  Maintain your trees and they will give back please to you in many ways.  As always, feel free to call us with any questions or concerns by calling 215-672-6777.

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